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FREE DOWNLOAD !!! Tony Carey -Free Download REWIND

As a little christmas-gift by Tony - there's a free download of a best-of-album with 15 of his favourite songs.

You can download these album as of now:

          >>> ... go to free download ... <<<

          >>>... more information about album ... <<<


TCP 2010 - early adventures in analog !!! Tony Carey - NEW CD - TCP remastered

Now available as mp3-download too!

>>> ... go to mp3-Download-Shop ... <<<


Gig 2011 in USA -- Festival of Enlightenment

Tony will play at the Festival of Enlightenment which will take place on 13. to 19. June 2011 in Evergreen, Clorado / USA. This will be the first gig of Tony in USA since 1984!

As soon as we have more information / details we will tell you


Zed Yago - new Videos!

You can find two new videos of Zed Yago with Tony on the special site "Project: Zed Yago"


CDs Stanislaus County Kid II + TCP - Release-note

Tony says sorry, that there will be a delay for the release of SCK II and TCP, new release-date is mid/end of January. Please excuse ourself for this delay and we hope, that the free download is a small compensation for the time of waiting.

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NEW CDs !Tony Carey - NEUE CD - Stanislaus County Kid - VOLUME II

"Stanislaus County Kid VOLUME 2" - pre-order now!

((Download text as pdf-file)

Tony Carey - Stanislaus County Kid - Notestop of site

-----------------------------------------------Tony Carey - NEUE CD - TCP remastered

"TCP remastered" - order now!

(download text as PDF-file)

Tony Carey - Stanislaus County Kid - Notes

TCP remastered is available as normal CD as a limited & signed Edition with immediate effect.

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EBC Racing-Team goes on as EBC ROXX !!! 

EBC ROXX // Photo: Sebastian Schmidt

On we go! Ready for the next road - the engine grumbles! EBC Racing-Team will be "EBC ROXX" in future - with a new website AND a Rock'n'Race-Album named "WINNERS", release date is 17.09.2010, then you can get it in your store.

>>>>> ... click here for more information ... <<<<<

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2nd Edition ...

... because of constant demand for Stanislaus County Kid and Christmas Hymns. CDs are available again in our shop !


Photos of the gig with Zed Yago!

In the Gallery you can find some photos of the gig with Zed Yago - just have a look!


Stanislaus County Kid

CD has been sold out - download still available!



-- "Silver Arrow (racing on)" --
                       NOW AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOAD !!

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06.03.10 Tony Carey & ZED YAGO

Zed Yago Bandphoto - go to website!

(download text as pdf-file)

 Update Zed Yago

>>> click here for more information <<<<

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20.02.10 "Stanislaus County Kid" as download !!!Stanislaus County Kid - neue CD - Tony Carey

Tony's offering the new album "Stanislaus County Kid" as download, starting now! Just click here to got to the mp3-Download-Shop !

 Here's an update from Tony:

(download text as pdf-file)

 Update Stanislaus County Kid

Click here to read new notes about SCK & have a look at the cover.

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16.02.10 EBC RACING-TEAM with Ela, J.R. Blackmore, Tony Carey

"SILVER ARROWS (RACING ON)" -- THE hymn of Formula 1 Silver-Arrows!

This is a cooperation from Ela, J.R. Blackmore and Tony Carey as "EBC Racing Team".

In the german magazine "Motorsport aktuell" there is a press report about the hymn and EBC Racing-Team (only in german, 07/2010)

>>>more informationen about EBC Racing Team <<<Youtube-Channel: 

NEW audio samples for CD "Stanislaus County Kid"

With immediate effect we offer you two other songs of the new CD as audio sample. Click here to liten to "brown eyed girl" & "have you ever seen the rain"

Furthermore we have the tracklist online and a new information / story about the CD "Stanislaus County Kid" 

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23.01.10 AUDIO-SAMPLES for CD "Stanislaus County Kid"

With immediate effect we can offer two songs of the new CD as audio-sample!!! 
Click HERE and listen to "people get ready" & "oh shenandoah"

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NEW CD !Stanislaus County Kid - neue CD - Tony Carey

"Stanislaus County Kid" --> pre-order now!

(download text as pdf-file)

Tony Carey - Stanislaus County Kid - Notes
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