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18.12.09 platzhalter Limited CD's sold out!

The limited CD's "PPP - G.O.D. part III: Out in the rain" and also "Christmas Hymns" are sold out!

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We updated the mp3-Shop and now - amongst others, sometimes very rare albums, the albums "PPP - G.O.D. part III: Out in the rain" and "Christmas Hymns" are also available. Just order our newsletter to get information about new downloads.

Forrest Mc Donald

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Forrest McDonald Infos

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Tony Carey - Download Notes
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24.10.09 platzhalter

Tony Carey - Christmas Hymns INFORMATION about CHRISTMAS SONGS

TC's Christmas Songs - Download NOW ! 

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Tony Carey - Christmas Songs

MESSAGE from Tony

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04.09.09 platzhalter G.O.D. part III - Out In The Rain -- pre-order NOW!

Information from TC (english / PDF)

16.06.09 platzhalter Tony Carey has left "Over The Rainbow"

more information with official press-release see on OTR-Site

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03.06.09 platzhalter

"Over The Rainbow" - Temporary Change to Roster for Sweden Rock Festival

(New York, NY): Over The Rainbow adds Ex-Rainbow Keyboardist Paul Morris to the band's roster on the following tour date:
Sweden Rock Festival - June 4- headlining Sweden Stage

Tony Carey, the original and permanent keyboardist for the band, is unavailable to perform on this date. After the return from the successful OTR Japan tour, Carey developed a gastrointestinal disorder that requires immediate treatment. His doctors have recommended that he refrain from touring and travelling for a short period of time. Carey and the other members agreed that for the sake of the fans' demand to see Over The Rainbow, that the “show must go on” at Sweden Rock Festival as long as the integrity of the band’s concept remained intact. Like all members of Over The Rainbow (except Jurgen), Paul Morris was also a member of Rainbow. He recorded and toured with them from 1994 through 1997. Morris looks forward to playing the great Rainbow classics from all Rainbow eras just as he did during his tenure with the band. Over The Rainbow is: Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984)Drums: Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983)Bass: Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997)Guitar: Jurgen ("J.R.") BlackmoreKeyboards: Tony Carey (Rainbow 1975-1978)(Sweden Rock Festival) Keyboards: Paul Morris (Rainbow 1994-1997)
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07.04.09 platzhalter

"Over The Rainbow"

more and all information about "Over The Rainbow" you can now find at the new sub-site www.truebeliever.de/e/otr.php !!

thanks to OTR and Lisa for all the information and photos!

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