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28.09.05 new download - coming soon!
The missing planet p track 'in babylon', which will appear as a bonus track on the next pressing of '1931' will be available as free download on this website. More information soon!
15.09.05 Production - CD for David Knopfler

Tony has spent a lot of time with working on the new CD of David Knopfler. The record is nearly finished and Tony says it's fantastic... ;-)


# The CD "Boystown Tapes" will be (24-bit remastered) released with two bonus tracks on Babyboomermusic very soon
#also the CD "G.O.D. -1931" will be re-released again - with the bonus-track "Babylon".
# Furthermore Tony works on the new CD "The Voyager Files" - instrumental music with an outer space theme.

Work with mit DJ Shah

Tony and Shah worked together and on Shah's recently released CD "Chillout" you can find two songs ("Rainmaker" and "Live Wire") with Tony. The CD is only available by download on Shah's site. click here (category Shah Music Digital MP3 Downloads, then DJ Shah -The Ultimate Chillout Collection (MP3 Compilation)).
The new project of Tony and DJ Shah will be named "The Movement" and you'll find a lot of new interpretations of old TC-Hits and many new songs by Tony and Shah.
They made some experiments with the sound and mixed many music-styles. The CD is a mix out of rock, pop, electric and classical elements. It will be a very interesting sound - the fans can be on the rack!

Radio-Streams of Sweden-concert

Part 1 to 3 still be available at the internet, on 3rd of October 2005 you can hear part 4 of the recording of the sweden-concert.

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21.08.05 The latest news of Tony:

Amongst others Tony produces the new CD of David Knopfler, furthermore he works on a possibly re-release of the CD "Boystown Tapes". More information as soon as possible!

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31.03.05 Tony-Special on Air at Internet-Radio!

I was able to make it possible for this evening - a radio-special with songs of Tony Carey on Internet-Radio www.hitradio-hessen.de. Just listen to it and if you have a song-wish send a message with Yahoo-Messenger to "hitradio_hessen".

Many Greetings, Webmaster Betti

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