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22.12.04 Hi Everybody.

I want to thank you all, once again, for your continued interest and support. I'd also like to thank Tanja Riedl for all the great work she's done for me, without her I wouldn't have started playing concerts again. I hope you all have a safe and warm Christmas 2004, and Happy New Year. (DON'T DRIVE DRUNK!!!)  tc

Here's some news about upcoming projects:

'the voyager files', an instrumental album - film music without the film - is finished and will be available soon at BabyBoomerMusic. Hope you like it.

Also finished and coming soon is the 'Special Edition - Producer's Cut 2005' version of '1931', featuring 3 new Bonus Tracks. One of them, 'Artie, when we need you', sets the stage for a sequel to 'Pink World'. If you think this is a good idea, let me know... there's lots of new news from the Zone, 22 years later.

Waiting (and nearly finished) is my project with DJ Shah, which will be a new band called 'The Movement' - we're looking at the best way to release this very cool record and will know more in January. Sort of trance/rock/pop/chillout, it's a gas workin' with the DJ.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!   TC

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18.12.04 Hi to all TC-Fans,

The last 2 years have been amazing for me.

When Tony Carey (I already knew him from a Charity for kids in Afghanistan some years before) and I started our team-work I never would have thought about a new, *old* Single in the German charts  as  result, although he is the one who really deserves it. Tony Carey is an outstanding Musician, Singer and Songwriter! Nowadays (casting-shows on every channel) a musician who is able to play almost every instrument, compose perfect songs including the words and then perform them with a unique voice should be on top of the charts.

Well – the last two years we did not make it to the top, but…
After 10 years of total abstinence of stage he demonstrated in February 2003 that he did not forget anything.

First I booked small clubs in and around Munich. The enthusiasm of his fans who came from America, Sweden and even from South-Africa to see and hear his live-performances was impressing – not only for me, but the reporters of newspapers, too (You can read their enthusiastic reports on www.truebeliever.de)

Later I succeeded (Thank you, Betti, you created a great website)  in organizing Tony's appearances in Switzerland, Sweden and even Russia. And - and I´m really proud of that - I was able to get in touch with Mo Casal and her team which at least - after the first performance of *Room With A View* at a Formula-1-Charity (Thank you, Leo, for all you´ve done) – ended up in a wonderful Single which reached the charts.
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I´m so happy about all this!
And I´m so thankful for all the experiences I made and impressions I got! I´m thankful for all those kind mails of kind fans, and some of them became dear friends.

What Tony´s career needs now is what I can´t give anymore – Time!

You all know that I got a 15 year old daughter and a job. Sometimes the last two years it was more than difficult to get all the things together. Now Tony´s success takes more and more time (television, booking, radio, interviews…). I am no longer able to give 100% for Tony´s career without neglecting my daughter and my private life. That´s why I decided to stop my working for Tony.

I´d like to thank you all for your support, friendship and affection.

Thank you Tony!
You are wonderful!! I wish you lots of No.1-Hits! I will always remember you and the great times we had!!

Martin, Winnie, Tom, Albi, Leo, Pascal, Betti, Sylvia, Günter and all the others I did not mention - Thank you all for a great time, for your support, for your help, your friendship or simply for being there!

I´d like to wish you all - and most of all TC and his family - merry, merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

God bless you

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08.12.04 Tony Carey - Go Out Dancing 1931Handling worldwide internet sale of "Island & Deserts" and "G.O.D. - 1931" at Babyboomermusic

Re-Release of "1931" with new cover at Progrock Records. Soon available in stores worldwide! Ask for it in your recordshop (order-No. UPC-code 837792009160).

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27.08.04 Cover Mo Casal & Tony CareyNew maxi-CD "Überall du / Room with a view" from Mo Casal & Tony Carey - Release-date: 20th of September 2004. Bye the CD at Amazon.
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17.07.04 © www.oasicsCD.com / Forrest Mc Donald /Tony worked as producer and instrumental (drums, bass, keyboards), too, on the new CD of the Forrest Mc Donald Band - titled "Colorblind" - soon available on the website of Forrest.

Expected in September there will be a Single-CD with the Song "Überall Du / Room with a view" out of the CD "Happy End" from Mo Casal - performed as a duett of Mo and Tony!

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13.06.04 CD "Island & Deserts" (limited-edition) now available! click here
June '04 Many thanks to "AUTO BILD motorsport" and Eddie Jordan for the friendly support!
02.06.04 © Günter ReidickOn May 22nd, 2004 Tony handed over the torch for the fire of the Special Olympics. More informations you can get here: www.specialolympics.de (german site!)
13.05.04 German version of the hit "Room with a view" from Mo Casal available at "Amazon"
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11.05.04 CD "Go out dancing - Part 1: 1931" temporarily sold out!
03.05.04 Special at the concerts on 19th to 22nd of May 2004:

A new CD named "Island & Deserts" will be presented and sold for the first time at the concerts in Bad Tölz, Kempten and Munich.
Tony himself has selected the new produced songs on this sampler. Including bonustrack "I saw a satellite" from CD "Go out Dancing - Part II: Levittown".

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19.04.04 Get the CD "Go Out Dancing - Part 1: 1931" now!
17.04.04 Get "1931" signed with YOUR name - at ebay!
Original signed by Tony! Only for three days!
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17.03.04 We want to invite you to a chat with tony-fans on Wednesday, March 24th 2004 at the fan-site www.tony-carey.de of Günter Reidick! Have a look, we think it'll be very interesting!
12.03.04 Tourdates Sweden! Go to informations
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22.02.04 new interview (questions and answers) with Tony at the Dio Message Board (you have to register for free; find the interview in the thread "Hide In The Rainbow")
05.02.04 LOOK OUT! Concert has cancelled!
We're sorry - because of problems with schedule and private reasons we must cancel the concert on February 28th 2004. It'll probably will be catched up in spring. Thanks for your understanding!
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12.01.04 To send our newsletter we will use a new programm which is much more easy and better. Sorry for that, but because of a technical problem we had to do that. Please be so kind to register your email tzo our new program with the link above (order newsletter). Many thanks!
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