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A Boy Who Can't Talk (Planet P Project)
A Fine Fine Day
A Letter From The Shelter (Planet P Project)
A Lonely Empty House
A Lonely Life
A Long Way From Home (Planet P Project)
A Love Gone Away
Adam And Eve (Planet P Project)
All God's Children (Planet P Project)
All In The Family
Along The Pontchartrain
Armageddon (Planet P Project)

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Baby's At The Door (Planet P Project)
Be Free
Bedtime Story
Behind The Barrier (Planet P Project)
Believe It (Planet P Project)
Bella Vida
Birds in Cages
Blue Highway
Bread On The Table
Burning Bridges

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Carry My Love
Cold War Kids
Comes The Flood
Company Man
Cover It Up

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Dancing Days
Do You Really Wanna Live Like That
Down On Happy Street

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Eddie Goes Underground
Every Single Reason In The World
Everything You've Got
Everytime We Say Goodbye

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Faces In The Window
Follow Me Home
Fools Gold
For You
Fremont Street (Planet P Project)

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Go Out Dancing
Going Away
Good Little Soldiers (Planet P Project)
Goodnight America

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Heard It On The Radio
Here's A Song
Hold Me A Little Bit More
Hunting Season

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I Can Stop The World
I Can't Talk To You
I Don't Care
I Don't Even Know Her Name
I Don't Want To Be In Love
I Feel Good
I Never Go Anywhere Alone
I Still Love You
I Want To Be There
I Won't Be Home Tonight
I Won't Wake Up (Planet P Project)
If I Were King
If You Want Me
I'll Be On My Way
I'll Tell The World About Her
In Babylon
In The Absence Of The Cat
In The Zone (Planet P Project)
It's A Beautiful World
It's Over
It's Walkin Time
It's Your Party

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Join The Parade (Planet P Project)
Just About A Mile Away

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Katy Be Mine
Keeping The Tigers Away
King For A Day (Planet P Project)
King Of The Fools

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Letting Go
Levittown (Planet P Project)
Life Goes On
Like A Rock
Live And Let Live
Live Wire
Looking At The Moon
Love Don't Bother Me

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Mama Tried
Man Camera
Many A Mile To Go
Midnight Wind
Miles Away
Mrs. Lincoln
My My My
My Radio Talks To Me (Planet P Project)

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No Mans Land

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Ogalala Boulevard
One More Goodbye
One Star Falling (Planet P Project)
Only The Best
Only The Young
Only You And Me (Planet P Project)
Out Of Town Woman

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Pink World (Planet P Project)
Play Guitar
Power (Planet P Project)
Power Tools (Planet P Project)

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Reach Out
Room With A View
Round And Round
Ruby (Planet P Project)
Run With The Lions
Running Away From The Thought Of You

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Save A Little For Me
Saw A Satellite (Planet P Project)
Say It's All Over
Send It In A Letter (Planet P Project)
Send Me A Miracle
She Can Bring Me Love
She Moves Like A Dancer
She's Got A Secret
She's So Fast
Since You Went Away
Sing Along
Some Tough City
Something For Nothing
Somewhere Down The Road
Static (Planet P Project)
Stoney Daze
Straight On

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Take You Out Tonight
Tear Down The Walls
Tell You Everyday
The Cold North Wind
The Company I Keep
The Deal
The First Day Of Summer
The Joker
The Judge And The Jury (Planet P Project)
The Lady Doesn't Live Here Anymore
The Last Train
The Long Road
The Other Side Of The Mountain (Planet P Project)
The Shepherd (Planet P Project)
The Stranger (Planet P Project)
The Sun Got In My Eyes
The Things That Might Have Been
The Things They Never Told Me (Planet P Project)
This Is Heaven (Planet P Project)
This Perfect Place (Planet P Project)
Tin Soldier
To Dance Alone
To Live Forever (Planet P Project)
Top Of The World (Planet P Project)
Tranquility Base (Planet P Project)
Two Worlds

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Uncle Bill

nach oben / top of site V

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Waiting For The Winter (Planet P Project)
Walk Away
Wasting Away
We Are Only Sleeping
We Wanna Live
West Coast Summer Night
What Artie Knows (Planet P Project)
What I See (Planet P Project)
What We Did (Planet P Project)
When It's All Said And Done
When She Started To Dance
Where Does It Go (Planet P Project)
Where We Want You (Planet P Project)
White Sands (Planet P Project)
Why Me (Planet P Project)
Work (Will Make You Free) (Planet P Project)
World Without You

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You And I
You Laugh At Me
Your Eyes (Planet P Project)

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10.000 Times
20 Days

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Following lyrics are not written by Tony Carey himself, because for legal reasons we can't write the them down in our list above:

Solitary Man - Original-Lyrics by Neil Diamond, 1966
San Francisco - Original-Lyrics by John Phillips, 1967
Route 66 - Original-Lyrics by Bobby Troup, 1946
Here Comes The Sun - Original-Lyrics by George Harrison, 1969

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